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In this course, you will learn to build Motion graphics composition with Adobe After Effects. You will also learn Photo editing and retouching with Adobe Photoshop. These are two important creative skills for a variety of professionals these days. Content creators on YouTube require good graphics on their videos so they need photo editing skills and sometimes you need visual effects to place some objects on video or you need an opener image gallery effect or travel map animation for vlogs. Anyways, these different set of micro-skills can be combined in many creative ways and is not that difficult to learn if you practice while learning. This is a short course where you can learn some of the practical applications on both domains that are generally independent so you can easily begin anywhere you like. Each lessons seems almost refreshing, as there is almost no dependency on other lessons. But I would recommend you to follow the sequence of lessons in After Effects if you are new to motion graphics otherwise you could find some concepts hard to implement.

You can start your learning either from section 2 if you are more curious about photoshop, or you can just start with section 4 if you are excited about animation and motion graphics.

Here in Adobe Photoshop you will learn about-

  • Spot healing

  • Patch tool

  • Quick selection tool

  • Clone stamp

  • Simple Duotone with gradient map

  • Mesh Forest hats

  • Change selected color

In Adobe After Effects you will learn about-

  • Creating a comp

  • Layers

  • basic presets

  • Exporting

  • Create 2D motion Car

  • Animate 2D motion Car

  • Photo gallery Part-1

  • Photo gallery Part-2

  • Create map animation

  • Camera tracking Part-1

  • Camera tracking Part-2


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Created by Harshit Srivastava
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English language
Created on September 26, 2022
Category: Design
Subcategory: 3d & Animation


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