Well-Being Wellness: Practical Steps to Boost Mental Health

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1. What is the meaning of Mental health?

2. What is meant by Well-being?

3. Why is it necessary to take steps to improve mental health and well-being?

4. Mental health impacts overall health. Comment.

5. Do you agree that mental health issues impact our relationships and our daily life? Comment.

6. What are the various steps that can be taken to improve mental health and well-being?

7. What is self-care? What are some effective self-care practices that can improve mental health and well-being?

8. What is self-compassion? How can cultivating self-compassion positively impact mental health and contribute to overall well-being?

9. Do you agree that social connections and relationships can improve mental health and contribute to overall well-being?

10. What are some effective stress management techniques that can be incorporated into daily life to improve mental health and overall well-being?

11. Deep breathing exercises can help reduce stress and promote relaxation? Discuss.

12. How can seeking professional help improve mental health?

13. How setting realistic goals can help improve our mental health?

14. How practicing gratitude can improve our mental health and well being?

15. What is the relationship between engaging in activities that bring you joy and mental health?

16. Why there is need for increased funding and research into mental health?

17. Mental health issues can adversely impact quality of life. Discuss.

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