Navigating Mental Health: Unpacking the Factors of Wellbeing

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1. What is the meaning of Mental health?

2. What is meant by Well-being?

3. Do you agree that mental health and well-being are closely related and interdependent concepts. If yes, explain in a few lines.

4. How can individuals improve their overall quality of life and enhance their ability to cope with stress and life's challenges?

5. What are the various factors which affect mental health and well-being of a person?

6. How does Genetics Influence Our Mental Health and Well-being?

7. Is Genetics just one of the factors which affects mental health and well-being? Comment.

8. How Biology influences our mental health?

9. How does our physical environment impact our mental health and well-being?

10. Whether social environment affects our mental health? Comment.

11. What is meant by traumatic events?

12. How does Trauma impact our Mental Health and

13. and well being?

14. What is the meaning of Life Stressors?

15. Life stressors can adversely impact our mental health and well being. Comment.

16. What Are the Negative Effects of Substance Use on Our Mental Health and Well-being?

17. What is meant by stigma and discrimination?

18. Whether Stigma and discrimination affect mental health and well-being. Comment.

19. Every person has his own different personality. How does the personality of a person affects his mental health and well-being?

20. The individual life experiences impact mental health of a person. Comment.

21. The extent and nature of social support a person receives affects his mental health and well-being. Comment.

22. Every person has different socioeconomic status. How socioeconomic status of the person affects his mental health and well-being?

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